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Renewable Energy Projects

Assess the Potential Of Your Site for Wind Or Solar Power

Stand Alone or Grid Tied.  

Wind and solar power can work for you now to reduce or eliminate electrical bills.  To determine if it will work, a site survey and environmental impact survey are a prerequisite.


Alternative Onsite Waste Disposal Systems

Nitrogen Reduction Septic Systems

Nitrogen from septic tanks is a major contributor to nutrients entering the tributaries of the upper Chesapeake Bay.  Systems are now available that can reduce the amount of nitrogen in septic tank effluent.  Use of these systems can extend the life of your drainfield. 


Environmental Education

From water quality to submerged grasses to waterfowl:  learn about the complex group of systems that make up the upper Chesapeake Bay and the current issues of concern.  Available to groups ranging in size up to 25.  Small group kayak tours available also.  Call for details.